Pc-Laptop Repair Services

Computers and Laptop are advance electronic device and used everywhere for various purpose like storing data counting email surfing establishing communication etc and of course you are addicted to it badly.

Something you realise that you feel comfort when the entire thing comes to your table. It’s like your dream comes true.

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When the word computer strike in our mind we immediately think about laptops PCs or whatever we have regarding this advance electronic device.

Computer is now days like Bed Tea without which we can’t think to go through whole day.

Do you know we human being suffer sneezing, itching, cough, cold etc, when we ignore our health regularly and finally we go to doctor for being normal. In the same way when we use excessively our computers they also face hiccups like hang, blinking display, loose keyboard or when we ignore the problems without taking safety we also face cyber attacks or virus attack through unidentified or unsecured external devices. You may be victim of hacking too.

It often happens that your touch pad stops responding more or speaker creates abnormal sounds anytime during meeting with your boss.

You may be also face the problem evolved through laptop charger because it may be short circuited.

Whether you are movie lover or game lover you must required high capacity storage device i.e. hard disk and graphic card too but you getting disappointed to how to do so.

It’s not too late or not too early to become a technology lover and you need to connect your pc through CCTV cameras either in office or for home security.

You need to renovate your old PCs with updated version of software and storage device but you can’t decide whether to go to market or buy new Laptop or Desktop.

One more is many of us wanted to display everything at big screen. It’s Show time and you want to create a small movie hall for your family but you getting failed to do so.

Now days many of us eager to establish home Wi-Fi network but we face lack of technician to cooperate us.

Services under Pc-Laptop Repairing

On the behalf of customer complaints and urgency for repairing we provide various services in feasible situation through our highly skilled and verified technicians, who are expert in repairing, installation and de-installation

  • 1 Computer Viruses Removal and fixing
  • 2 Removal of Adware and Spyware that tease you time to time
  • 3 Computer back up and data transfers within device or in external device
  • 4 Hardware faults and diagnostics
  • 5 Software Upgrades i.e. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8,8.1, Win 10
  • 6 Data Recovery Services
  • 7 Motherboard Replacement and repairing
  • 8 Data Backup and Retrieval
  • 9 Internet CCTV Camera Setup and removal
  • 10 PC Speed Up (Optimisation)
  • 11 Essential Software Installation and uninstallation of garbage one.
  • 12 Windows Password Recovery
  • 13 Wireless Networking Set-up
  • 14 RAM, Hard Disk and Processor Upgrades and
  • 15 Microsoft Windows Re-installation
  • 16 Printer and Scanner installation and repairing

▪ After service booking, a nearby electrician gets the work assignment. There will be order confirmation.

▪ Choose a payment method. You can avail various online payment options

▪ There should be a briefing of the problem to the service person. The tools will be there with the electrician.

▪ Keep the materials ready before the service time. If you require the Meri Service partner to buy them, inform them in advance. The purchasing time will be part of the service charge.

▪ If necessary, ask for a quote from the service person. Work will begin after your approval.

▪ Our agent will contact you after service completion to give details of the service charges.

After the first one hour as single unit, 30 Minutes is considered for unit calculation,

Material charge is additional, Customer can either buy it or can request the service provider to procure it. Time for material procurement will be counted for billing.

If the customer denies the service delivery or reschedule the service after service provider arrives the customer premise, Customer will be charged Rs. 150 as convenience fee.

We would be charging additional Rs. 75 in addition to service charge for service delivery between 08:00 pm till 08:00 am in the morning, Sunday and other holidays.

Service provider may help you with quotation in case for long hour work schedules. You may please confirm the quotation before initiating work to avoid any conflict on service completion. In case you do not want to continue service, we may charge Rs. 150 as inspection charge.

We offer 15 days warranty on service offered on electrical issues in case there any fault in service delivery.

OBOY reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an order due to unavailability of service providers or over booking.

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Technician was great at his work. Did everything perfectly fine. Thanks team for making my work easy. Very good service and excellent behavior of Technician

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Loved the call center discussion, especially because the team knew how to handle technical queries.

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